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Active Rehab & Kinesiology

Active Rehab & Kinesiology

Active rehabilitation is a kinesiology-directed exercise-based approach to injury recovery and prevention. A kinesiologist can help individuals with injury, disability, or medical condition(s) reach their health and fitness goals in a safe and progressive manner.

Our kinesiologists can help you recover from overuse or acute injury through mobility exercises and active rehabilitation. They also help you manage, rehabilitate, and prevent mobility issues that impede how your body moves and functions after injuries and car accidents.

Active rehabilitation is an exercise-based approach to treatment and rehabilitation.

A typical session with a kinesiologist will include injury-specific exercises, core, postural stabilization, general strengthening, and education regarding the principles of active rehabilitation, posture, and proper body mechanics. Ultimately, active rehabilitation aims to provide you with increased resolution of symptoms and independence in recovery through a structured exercise regimen.

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Muscle activation
  • Exercise technique
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Performance therapy
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Our Trainers


Cole Young

Cole graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2018 with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and an extended minor in Psychology.

Cole took part in many sports growing up, primarily baseball and hockey at competitive levels. At the age of 17, Cole competed for Team BC in baseball, and represented at the national stage in Quebec. During the following offseason, he suffered a significant back injury which required just over a year of rehabilitation and therapy in order to get back to health. Having made a full recovery, he still plays recreational hockey and baseball on a weekly basis!

Through his injury rehabilitation experience, Cole fell in love with the process of rehabilitation, while also gaining first-hand experience of the entire rehabilitative process. Upon recovery, Cole wanted to learn more about how the muscles and tissues of the body interact and develop, which inspired him to study Kinesiology. While studying Kinesiology, he developed a passion for using his experiences to help others grow and develop beyond their own injuries through active rehabilitation, just as he was able to.

Utilizing a whole-body approach, Cole finds the muscular deficiencies which are functionally limiting someone, and works to strengthen and rebalance the body to create a stronger base, and a more functional body. Along with educating on form and posture, anatomical alignment, and mobilization training, this approach helps people feel more confident and comfortable.

Cole enjoys working with anyone who is looking to improve themselves! Whether it is rehabilitative, athletic training, weight loss, or anywhere in between; Cole enjoys finding what drives someone, and helping them utilize that in their journey.

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Kinesiology & Personal Training

Sam Wegert

Sam is a graduate from Trinity Western University in Langley where he completed his Human Kinetics degree in April 2022. He is a Registered Kinesiologist as well as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Personal Trainer. He has worked with collegiate-level sports teams as a student therapist as well as a Strength and Conditioning intern. Sam has worked and learned in the fitness industry for over 6 years, providing him with the skills and experience to help patients achieve their goals.

Sam believes every patient has their own story and every path to moving and feeling better is slightly different. He believes a holistic approach that incorporates patient education is the best way to ensure long-term success within one’s health and quality of life.

Sam is hoping to get accepted into a Masters of Physical Therapy program where he will continue to learn and develop the skills needed to help bring his patients back to a higher quality of life.

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Steph Boivin

Steph graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2015 with a Bachelors of Kinesiology and an extended minor in Psychology.

Since graduating, she has worked extensively with ICBC and WorkSafeBC patients providing services for active rehab and occupational rehab programs. In addition, she helps patients in returning to work by assessing their worksites and providing them with return-to-work strategies and support.

Steph grew up playing competitive soccer and currently plays weekly on a rec team. She sustained several sports injuries growing up and worked closely with a variety of healthcare professionals to assist her in safely returning to sport. In addition to playing soccer, she is a lover of all sports and is always happy to sit down and watch a game.

Steph enjoys working with all ages and demographics and wants to help get you back to all aspects of your life. She believes that daily movement, exercise prescription and education regarding your injury is the best way to support you in returning to all your activities of daily living.

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