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ICBC Approved Treatments

The road to recovery can be long; let our team help to make it a little shorter.

ICBC Approved

Treatments & Billing

Believe us, we know all too well that accidents happen; it’s an unfortunate part of life. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to let us help guide you through recovery and get you back on your feet and back to your daily routine! And with ICBC Direct Billing, you can leave your payment cards at home.

Report Your Claim

Call ICBC to report your claim. Be sure that you take note of your claim number – we’ll require this number to get your program started.

Schedule Your Consultation

Once your claim is processed, give us a call to schedule your recovery consultation. We can schedule you as soon as the same day!

On The Road To Recovery

Following your consultation, we’ll get you scheduled on a regular basis with the necessary treatment(s) to get you back on your feet.

Start Recovery
Feel Better

Through ICBC Approved Treatments, you’re entitled to a variety of treatments and our staff will ensure that you receive what you should.

Let Us Bill ICBC Directly

Just when you think things are going too good to be true, things get better. We bill ICBC directly so you can focus on the final step of recovery.

Get Healthy Sooner

Automatic Treatment Approval

With ICBC Approved Treatment and ICBC Direct Billing, you’re automatically entitled to the following treatments within 12 weeks of your accident at absolutely no cost to you. Our office staff will work to ensure that your recovery is paced to ensure optimal results within the confines of the ICBC Approved Treatments program.


12 Sessions


25 Sessions


25 Sessions


12 Sessions

Active Rehab

12 Sessions


12 Sessions

Getting Started

Your Recovery Starts Here

ICBC Claim Number

We require an ICBC claim number for direct billing.

Photo Identification

In order to create your profile at Epoch, we’ll need a piece of ID that includes your full name and your birthday.

BC Medical Services Card (Care Card)

A medical services card will help us to ensure that your treatments are properly logged.

Your ICBC Point of Contact (Adjuster)

Just the basic details – your adjuster’s name, email, and telephone number will do.

Doctor’s Information

If you plan to extend your benefits beyond 12 weeks, we’ll need a doctors note or your doctor’s contact details.

Can I receive multiple treatments on the same day?

Yes, ICBC does allow different treatments on the same day. However, our staff will recommend a recovery program that best suits your situation and ensures optimal use of the resources provided by ICBC.

Can I receive the same treatment more than once on the same day?

Unfortunately, ICBC will not approve more than one session of the same treatment on the same day. Should you require additional sessions of the same treatment or a longer session on the same day, our office staff will work with you to pay out of pocket.

What if the 12-week recovery window has lapsed and I’m still not feeling back to myself?

ICBC will only pay for treatments as set forth in its Accident Benefits program. Should you find yourself requiring treatments beyond your initial claim, you may be eligible to receive treatment under an extended treatment plan set forth by your practitioner and ICBC.

I missed my appointment. Now what?

Any missed appointments will need to be paid for by the patient before the recovery program can continue. ICBC will only approve payments for appointments in which a treatment has been performed.

Ready to get your recovery underway?

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We know that this a stressful time and you're not sure what to do or who to ask. Rest assured our staff is available to chat with you during regular business hours, 7 days a week.

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