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Orthotics by Orthotica Labs

An entirely new approach

The Orthotic Journey

The founders of Orthotica have dedicated their careers to the development of innovative solutions that assist practitioners in more efficiently and effectively treating lower extremity pathologies. That vast knowledge and experience now shepherds in a profoundly new approach to the dependencies between lab, clinic and patient: the Orthotic Journey.

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Fit Line

This selection of orthotic devices was designed to provide optimum biomechanical function in less than optimal footwear. Ranging from casual styles to high-fashion pumps, there is a Fit Line style for most low volume footwear.

Fashionista Fit

Formal Fit

Core Fit

Athletica Line

These orthotic devices are designed to reduce the impact of improper biomechanical function associated with various athletic activities. The Athletica Line can accommodate court sports, runners, walkers and others with its rigid, semi-rigid and flexible styles.

Athletica Runner

Athletica Sport

Athletica Flex Sport

Ultra Line

Orthotica’s Ultra Line is designed around the functional requirements of patient types. Ranging from pediatric to accommodative and stabilizing designs, practitioners can dial in the precise functional control levels their patients may require.

Pediactric Ultra

Stability Ultra

Accommodative Plus

Contour Line

Used to limit excessive foot motion, the Contour Line thoughtfully combines EVA and other orthopedic grade materials to produce highly contoured, semi-flexible orthotics.

EVA Trilaminate

EP Hybrid - Flexible

EP Hybrid - Firm


Dr. Morgan Van Vliet

Dr. Morgan Van Vliet grew up on Vancouver Island in beautiful Port Alberni. After receiving her Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology from Vancouver Island University, she went on to graduate with honors and receive her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon in 2020.

Dr. Morgan was first introduced to chiropractic after getting treated for soccer injuries as a teen. With a wide variety of experience treating pregnant moms and children, TMJD, headaches, disc issues, motor vehicle, and workplace accidents, Dr. Morgan will take the time to listen and help with your treatment goals. A typical treatment will consist of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, and advice for at-home stretches and exercises.

Chiropractic is helpful in not only recovering from injuries but also in helping keep your body functioning well to prevent issues before they occur.

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Orthotica’s product line is the result of our extensive knowledge of lower extremity biomechanics along with unequaled experience in fabricating the finest quality custom foot orthotics. Innovation and efficiency have guided both the development of our style offerings as well as our ScriptWise™ technology whose intelligence and personalization options make prescription writing a breeze.

Orthotica’s custom orthotic devices are built from orthopedic-grade materials that deliver a broad range of functional control options ranging from semi-flexible to rigid.

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